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The Academy Day

Due to the continuing Covid-19 situation, please find below details concerning socially-distanced arrival and departure times at the academy:

Year Group Arrival Time Departure Time
Rainbow Fish 9.00am Beverley Drive 2.50pm
Elmer Elephants 9.00am Beverley Drive 2.55pm
Year 1 9.00am Ubberley Road
1G: Gate 1
1T: Gate 2
Year 2 8.50am Beverley Drive 3.10pm
Year 3 8.40am Beverley Drive 3.05pm
Year 4 8.50am Ubberley Road
4P: Gate 1
4E: Gate 2
Year 5 8.40am Ubberley Road
5F/5M: Gate 1
5A/5R: Gate 2

3.30pm Ubberley Road
5F/5M: Gate 1
5A/5R: Gate 2

Year 6 8.30am Ubberley Road
6M/6CU: Gate 1
6CO: Gate 2
3.25pm Ubberley Road
6M/6CU: Gate 1
6CO: Gate 2
Year GroupArrival TimeDeparture Time
Rainbow FishBeverley Drive: 9:00am2:50pm
Elmer ElephantsBeverley Drive: 9:00am2:55pm
Year 1Ubberley Road: 9:00am3:20pm
1G: Gate 1
1T: Gate 2
Year 2Beverley Drive: 8:50am3:10pm
Year 3Beverley Drive: 8:40am3:05pm
Year 4Ubberley Road: 8:50am3:15pm
4P: Gate 1
4E: Gate 2
Year 5Ubberley Road: 8:40amUbberley Road: 3:30pm
5F/5M: Gate 1
5A/5R: Gate 2
Year 6Ubberley Road: 8:30amUbberley Road: 3:25pm
6M/6CU: Gate 1
6CO: Gate 2

The children start learning as soon as they enter the classroom. It is therefore imperative that children arrive at the Academy on time every day so that they do not miss out on any learning time.


Classroom doors open and lessons begin.


Classroom doors close

11.40am – 12.20pm

Reception Lunchtime

12.00pm – 12.40pm

KS1 Lunchtime

12.20pm – 1.00pm

KS2 Lunchtime


Classroom doors open for Reception and KS1 hometime


Classroom doors open for KS2 hometime


Assembly 9.05am


Our values/PSHE


Singing – Mr Anderson


Our values – Rev. Dave/ Safety Message


Class assembly


Celebration assembly – Mrs Clews




10.20 – 10.35am plus a short afternoon play if needed


11.00 – 11.15am

No hot drinks to be taken on to the yard

Class teachers to collect children from the yard promptly

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