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Maple Court Academy is part of the Alpha Academies Trust. Maple Court Academy provides its own in-house catering service for its pupils, teachers, parents, and visitors.

The Alpha Academies Trust Hospitality Manager, Martin Kerrigan, and the hospitality team provide a well-balanced menu choice each day, the Academy also provides a breakfast club before the start of the school day and a mid-morning break service.

Maple Court Academy endeavours to cater for the needs of all our customers by producing a variety of dietary choices on request, which include:

  • Religious dietary preferences: please make your request to the Academy
  • Allergy dietary preferences: some of our menu items contain nuts, seeds and other food allergens. There is a small risk that tiny traces of these may be in any other dish or food served at Maple Court Academy.

We understand the dangers of those with severe allergies.

Please ask a member of staff who may be able to offer an alternative choice.

Once we receive any request from parents to share this information with the catering team, the information is put onto our bio metric system and will highlight this onto their account, we take all our pupils personal information seriously and will not share this with anyone other than authorised Academy personnel.

As an Academy we are passionate about meeting our student’s future health needs, this is why our menus adhere to current food standards and legislation.

Upon inspection, the Academy kitchen has been awarded the highest possible hygiene rating of 5.

The Academy school meal take up is monitored throughout each school year, and the Academy consistently produces higher school meal take up numbers than both regional and national averages.

We are very proud of the service we provide, our menus are on a 4-week rotation system and are updated frequently.

Our Menus consist of:

2 main meals, which includes a vegetarian choice

Jacket potatoes with a variety of filling, including hot or from our salad counter

Freshly made sandwiches or wraps are available daily

Freshly prepared salad counter

A choice of:

Dessert of the day

Fresh fruit and fruit yoghurt

Cheese and crackers

Maple Court Academy operates a biometric cashless system which as a number of useful assets:

  1. Parents can check the account balance on our revaluation machines located in reception
  2. Parents can add money to their child’s account any day of the week
  3. It ensures customer confidentiality to make meal times more enjoyable
  4. Dietary information can be imputed into the system, and is readily available for our catering staff to view on our tills
  5. The Academy can run reports for daily uptake
  6. The system is efficiently financially audited

You can view our current weekly menu rotation here

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