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Aspirational learning and promoting careers at Maple Court

As a school, it is important for us to raise the aspirations of the children that we teach and expose them to a range of careers, memorable experiences and skills to help them with their future choices.

British Values and our own MAPLE values run through everything and have been specifically designed values to work towards to prove that they are aspirational learners. Where possible, year bands will ensure that any links that can be made with the curriculum and topic are explored.

You will start to see a common careers feature in each of the school brochures, where you can keep up to date with the work that is going on in school linked to careers and aspirations

Each year, we will hold an ‘Aspirations/Careers Week’ where each year band will explore different careers and hobbies with the aim of inspiring them, helping them to understand the path that will lead to their dreams or to explore options that they had never previously thought of. An afternoon will also be dedicated to exploring hobbies: staff share their hobbies with the children in the hope of introducing them to new interests and passions outside of school.

  • Democracy Week 15th September 2020
  • Careers week – Week beginning 2nd March
  • Hobbies and Aspirations day in May 2021
  • Enterprise week in June 2021
  • Year 6 Transition and exposure to future learning opportunities in July 2021.

We will also be focusing on eight key skills throughout the year.

  • Autumn term we will cover- listening, problem solving, teamwork.
  • Spring term we will cover- speaking, staying positive.
  • Summer term we will cover- aiming high, leadership, creativity.

These skills are essential for children to be successful in school and will therefore lead to employability skills later on in life.

Careers Related Learning gives pupils the opportunity to explore and practise non-academic skills like empathy, communication and resilience, preparing them for the transition to secondary education and working life.

Research shows that Careers Education works even better when parents are involved. Our aim is to enrich children’s’ learning with real-life experiences, bridge the gap between parents and students and give pupils the best tools to transition to secondary school and achieve their goals.

Below are some links to help your children to start looking at what skills they have and how they can apply these to the work place in the future.

Why is Careers education for our children so important? Click the link below to find out more.

Gives you details about a wide range of jobs as well as looking at key skills and education needed to achieve these jobs.

Careers week is a yearly event that emphasises the importance of Careers Education. The website has information on different careers and some activities the children can do at home.

Sign up for a free account to get access to a range of careers based activities aimed at Primary and Secondary school age children.

Research different areas of work and see what opportunities are available.

Take the Buzz Quiz

Useful Careers Links

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