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Adverse Weather Conditions

As winter approaches, there may be the need to shut the Academy due to severe weather conditions.

The decision to close the Academy is made by our Principal after consulting with site staff.

We will inform Signal Radio and Radio Stoke if we decide to close the Academy. This is the means by which we will communicate with all parents. If you tune in to these stations and there is no mention of Maple Court closing, then we are open for business as usual. The following website can also be accessed to check Academy closure:

Should weather conditions deteriorate significantly during the day a text message will be sent out to parents informing them of early closure. We will also announce early closure on Radio Stoke and Signal.

If there is substantial snow and ice on the ground the usual routes into the building will be cleared and pathways gritted. Please stick to the cleared pathways for your own safety.

We can assure you that the Academy will only close due to snowfall if we cannot make the site safe or a significant number of staff cannot get into work.

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