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Subject Leader: Miss Rogers


The Maple Court Academy History Curriculum helps pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of their past, local history and British past, as well as that of the wide world. Linking this closely to the complexity of people lives and the influences that this has on today’s society. Our History Curriculum inspired and engages pupil’s curiosity to know more about the past. It supports and develops historical skills, concepts and knowledge through the study of British and local history as well as a wide range of time periods and evens.

Within Maple Court Academy, History is taught weekly and a specific topic is taught in depth across a term, however there are key cross-curricular links with other subjects. Through educational visits and Historical workshops children have the opportunity to real life History and to become

“Historians”. As the children progress through Maple Court Academy, the History Curriculum is planned to deepen their knowledge and develop the Historical concepts of continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance and using them to make connections to create their own historical enquiry. Chronological narrative runs through all the topics from the earliest time to the present day developing as the children progress through the school. In KS2 the History Curriculum is planned so that the children are learning the chronology of time and have opportunities to build upon previous learning in previous year groups. The children are encouraged and supported to make relevant links between local, regional, national and international history; between cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social history to gain historical perspective in order to help them understand their place in the world; as well as a broader understanding of all History, how this has led to the world as it is today and how they can use the past to gain the courage to change the world for the better.

The Subject Leader

My name is Miss Rogers and I have a real passion for History. When I first became a teacher, it was a goal of mine to lead the History subject. I have always enjoyed History and took it as one of my GCSE options, I have visited many historical places and love to learn all about the history of the world.

In my role as History lead, I will make sure the children are learning about the worlds history and how it influences us in today’s culture. I also want to instil a love of History in the children of Maple Court, just like I have!

The curriculum


Nursery look at different nursery rhymes, old and new, what happens on a farm during Spring, different animals and different locations.

Reception Look at different locations and how we get there now and, in the past, squirrels and where they hide their nuts and lots of other exciting things.

Assessment for learning: At Maple Court Academy, assessment is ongoing throughout every lesson with teachers identifying strengths, misconceptions and next steps. Teachers use this information to feed into subsequent learning sessions. Retrieval practice is a key element of every session, revisiting prior learning. Whiteboard work, partner discussion and questioning are just some of the strategies that we use to identify children’s progress towards the learning outcome, identifying children’s understanding and progress. Teachers also use their feedback books to identify any misconceptions that need to be addressed, and anything that worked really well in the lesson.

Pupil voice

‘We are learning about the past, and old toys’ – Year 1

‘We learnt about dinosaurs, and where they came from. My favourite was the triceratops’ – Year 2

‘We have learnt about lots of different important people. My favourite was Florence Nightingale because she helped so many people’ – Year 3

‘I really enjoyed learning about the pyramids and how the more important people were, the taller their pyramid would be.’ – Year 4

‘We learnt about the Vikings and I found it really strange that the Viking women had rights and could fight, but Anglo Saxon women had no rights.’ – Year 5

‘we learnt about the Anglo Saxons, and it was really interesting to hear about where they invaded and why they invaded.’ – Year 6

History Curriculum Documents

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